What should I do when I see a cop beat up and bully a hawker?

Answer by Amit Banerjee:

This is a small trick I learned from an advocate. I was travelling in an Express train and he was a co-passenger.

He said:

Whenever you see someone harassing someone and you want to intervene without hurting yourself, do this:

1. Get into the visible zone of the offender. You must get into that zone wherein the offender can clearly see and hear you.

2. Watch for his attention. You have to see where his attention is. Is he paying attention to onlookers? Good, now your task is easy.

3. Take out your phone, dial a friend's number and start talking in English. Remember, English. No Hindi or Local language. Your body language must convey that you are some honcho and is "superior" to the offender.

4. Talk very loudly and clearly explain what's going on. You should explain in a way such that the offender can hear you. Remember, nobody has any control on the sense of hearing. You can shut your eyes but you cannot shut your ears. You cannot stop the flow of sound. Nobody can.

Talk like this

"hey, I see some people harassing a poor guy can you call the cops right now? Yes the man is dressed in a white shirt, I have already informed the inspector, i am sending you his picture, call Mr. ABC, also tell him to send 4 home guards, the emergency number is XYZ …… I am passing this information to my lawyer, we can meet in the court and sort this out, meanwhile you call the police and dial into emergency cell

Notice that all of the above is pure bullshit. Its a jargon of fierce keywords thrown at random. These keywords will reach through his ears and ring a bell in his head. There words will convert into Fear in his head and he will start backing off.

5. Do not ever talk with the offender. Nope. The moment you talk, you lose the ground of psychologically dominating him. You give him ground.

If he comes to you asking what you have just said, do not talk. Simply keep talking on the phone loudly and scare him more. Keep talking in English. He will try to bully you but if you do not give a single damn, he will start to back off.

I have succesfuly used this trick with Autowallahs, Ticket checkers, people, govt officials who ask for bribe and a few friends 🙂

What should I do when I see a cop beat up and bully a hawker?


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