I am an introvert and a very shy sort of a person, and I really want to change this nature of mine..any suggestions on how to?

Answer by Ritwik Raghav:

You say you are Introvert… and wish to change.. Go read "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" by Susan Cain.

You will definitely change and will begin feeling proud of being introvert.
Quiet: The Power of Introverts

Introverts are highly effective quiet influencers who use their natural strengths to make a big difference without making a lot of noise. You see, introverts are being recognised for their pros in today's world. The trends say it:

1. Flattened organizations. Gone are the days when  decisions were passed up the hierarchical ladder. Now there are many  paths to a decision, which opens up all kinds of space for different  types of influence—including the quiet kind.

2. Global businesses. Traditional extroverted approaches may work well in U.S.-centric  organizational cultures, but leaders with more reflective, low-key  influencing styles will be much more effective in many other regions of  the world, such as Asia.

3. Virtual activity.  Introverts have been drawn to social media because it lets them use  their strengths and better manage their communication. Quiet  influencers, who have already invested in learning and using social  media, are poised to affect tomorrow’s change more quickly than  influencers who have ignored these technologies.

4. Heightened competition. Companies are seeking suppliers and employees who bring fresh,  innovative approaches. The truth is, extrovert-centric self-promotion  and loud persuasion are passé. Today, people stand out from the crowd if  they have a knack for building up others and are committed to listening  instead of talking.

So, why change?

Advantages to Introverts:
10) Work Well With Others, Especially In One-to-One Relationships
9) Maintain Long-Term Friendships
8) Flexible
7) Independent
6) Strong Ability To Concentrate
5) Self-Reflective
4) Responsible
3) Creative, Out-of-the-Box thinking
2) Analytical Skills That Integrate Complexity
1) Studious and Smart

Being Introvert is a blessing.. use it to your advantage.

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Open Forum

I am an introvert and a very shy sort of a person, and I really want to change this nature of mine..any suggestions on how to?


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