TrueCaller and Breach of Privacy

Tomorrow I came across this site called and found my number listed in its phone directory without permissions from my side. Of course I un-listed it and then searched for numbers of my family and friends.. Again I found some there without their permissions. This I believe is a breach of privacy. And if you don’t want your number listed there, go unlist it now. Any contact details available in this form is made available to the users of the TrueCaller app and this way, your number too might become public.

The swedish appmakers claim that data is gathered through partnerships with the white/yellow pages services available. But as you may find (and as I found), the names corresponding to many numbers are very much like how someone in your friend or family might have saved it. So, of course it is accessing all these contacts from the smartphones as it is too easy to access the contacts. It is pretty much like – “You must give your details and your friends’ details if you wish to use our service.” When someone selects to download and install this app and permits its requirements, I believe only his/her information should be uploaded.. why are others getting listed?? People like me have never authorized TrueCaller to provide our information to others.

If you wish to stop sharing your contact details with this app and its users, please un-list yourself as described below:

1> Go to

2> Search for your number.

3> Un-list it. You will have to fill-in the Captcha.

Also tell your friends and dear ones about it. Everyone has a right to opt out and must decide for themselves only.


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