Difficulties of a Programmer : The Hardest Ones

Programmers are people around us who write codes and make things work. Things like Facebook, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Firefox etc. They are all around you.. and who knows even you may take a liking of constructing these apps and become a programmer!!

Programmers think and work differently as compared to general public. The understanding of codes bring an understanding of processes, of life and universe as well. “The answer to life, the universe and everything comes out to be 42″ as the quote goes. But this understanding brings some inabilities as well. Now you see they are seen as neighborhood computer mechanic and a geek who sticks to his machine day and night. But they don’t sit coding all day and even when they are coding, they still do a lot more than what common people think. In fact, there are so many things they are expected to do!

So, let’s peek in the coder’s world to look at some of these works:

1. Naming Things: The programming demands right names, good-right-descriptive and yet short names for different parts of code (like variables, classes, methods, objects, modules, database components and many more). Now satisfying any of mentioned conditions itself can’t be a big thing right! But look once more at it – it says good-right-descriptive-short. Well, who had thought finding just the right name could be a tough job. Ask these guys!

2. Explaining Things: You can’t even imagine(if you’re not a coder) how tough describing becomes when you ask some programmer what he is doing.. Coders love to tell people but not to explain. And they know it pretty well how much they could be understood without explaining every word to the listener. And then, loved ones must not be ignored. It turns out being one of the hardest things for them.

3. Specifying Time Frame for Projects: Every Programmer is expected to set-up a time frame for completion of projects at the time of initiation. Later they are asked for changes to be incorporated in that period only. Also, updated product is demanded and all such/similar things make this a ridiculous expectation.

4. Social Interaction: Now this field describes the curse which comes bundled with programming. Most of the programmers find it difficult to interact normally (as you may say it) with others. They must interact with clients, management and testers at least regarding their work. But then interacting to non-techies esp. about algorithms and programs is harassing since these guys are not the best ones with words. Also, dependency on others is something not liked by the programmers.

5. Going against Principals: As someone studies programming, they way of understanding world changes too. They start looking at the similarities between a program and human brain. Such things make it real tough to go against their principals and especially when their clients or someone above their pay-level demands things to be done their way. Going against own principals, breaking self-rules is one of the hardest things to do for any person and programmers have run through their lives by these means only.

6. Writing Documentation: Documentation is written so that some other programmer/user may understand the code/program. This is one of the most time consuming parts of program creation – explaining how their program works.

7. Incorporating Others Codes: Programmers are often required to work with code written by other programmers. This is a tedious job especially when they have been entrusted to either maintain, debug or enhance the same. And if the code is not properly written, commented or documented with original developer nowhere in sight, it could be very very frustrating.

8. Designing Solutions: Designing complete solutions and preparing algorithms for the same is not easy. It requires a skill in mathematics, algorithmic thinking and any other associated with the project.

So next time when judging a programmer, please remember their world’s difficulties and what they have done to enrich your world.

(Source : EFYTimes)


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