What are some of the most mind-blowing facts about India?

Answer by Hanith Konkimalla:

This post is about Indian technological advancement in Thorium based nuclear power:
India has the world's largest Thorium deposits, enough to produce 500GWe of power, every year for 400 years, if you consider only the reserves that can be extracted economically.
Monazite powder is the source of world's most of the thorium. It looks like this.

Thorium deposits by state
Andhra Pradesh : 35 %
Tamil Nadu and Odisha : 15-20 %
Kerala and West Bengal : 10-15 %
Bihar : 0-5 %

And just a day back, India successfully tested its Thorium based reactor.

Also, India is the only country in the world to have the know-how of producing the Thorium based reactor.
Half the publications on Thorium in the world are from India.
India plans to build 60 of these nuclear reactors in the coming 10 years, thereby making the country self-sufficient in its energy needs.
There were also plans to implement this in automobile technology, thereby reducing the dependence on oil imports.
8 gm of thorium can power a car for 3 lakh miles.
The US automobile giant Cadillac has showcased its Thorium powered concept car which they claim can be refueled once a century.

A single bowling ball of Thorium has the same energy as the oil that can be fit in Knock Nevis, the world's largest oil tanker. It can carry up to 4 million barrels of oil at once.
Knock Nevis Size Comparison :

EDIT :  It is estimated that 64 lakh crores or 880 billion dollars worth of Thorium is illegally looted from the shores of Kerala.
The figures are different because they are taken from two independent estimates.
Shame the Indian congress bootlicking paid media does not show any of these.
EDIT 2 : Kamini at Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu is the world's first and only U233 fuelled reactor.
KAlpakkam Mini Reactor (KAMINI)
Courtesy Kamya Chandrasekhar

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