What was the best thing that happened to the nation in the 2014 general election?

Answer by Varun Hrishikesh Sharma:

I would say no election ever created such an interest among people.

Few positive things were:

  • Highest voter turn-out.. Yes we Indians care for the country 🙂
  • Congress rout! Abki baar Antim Sanskaar!
  • BSP not getting any seats! Mayawati's elephant gave an egg 😀
  • No coalition dirt this time..

This election was the election of words.. Look what all these people said..

Nothing says “losing” like winning 71 seats in UP

Mr. Gowda, please fulfill your promise..


No comments.. Its his personal life, we cant interfere..

"Single largest Party!!" 😀

So whats your new name Lalu'ji?

Mr.Aiyar what will you sell now.?

nothing says “stumbling” like losing 22 seats to BJP in Bihar!

And more than all, I remember Dr.Abdul Kalam saying 2020 will be India's year.. With Modi Sarkar, I am hopeful that it will be a reality!

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