Installing Ubuntu 14.04 on your PC

Ubuntu 14.04 aka ‘Trusty Tahr’ was released last month. This release is the new LTS i.e. Long-Term-Support-version from Canonical. Also Ubuntu is coming to mobiles which are expected to hit market later this year. So, for fans of WinXP or for the newbies I explain the process of installing Ubuntu in your PCs.

Downloading the ISO

Well, first thing to do is getting the image file of Ubuntu 14.04. You can either get it from some friends around you or you may download it. The links for downloading Ubuntu are:

Installing the OS

1. After downloading the image file, burn it to a CD or an usb. To make a bootable usb, you can download YUMI or rufus.
2. Now insert the CD or connect the usb to your PC and give it a reboot.
3. If the system still boots from the Hard Disk, you must change the boot device priority. Observe carefully, some information regarding this is shown on the first screen your PC shows. It is either F8 or F10 or F12.
4. On booting from your device, it shows a menu. Simply choose Install Ubuntu. The Try Ubuntu option can be used for Live CD mode.

5. The next step verifies system requirements like space available on Hard Disk or Internet Connection. It also shows an option to download updates and install third party apps. Leave them for now as they can be performed later too.

6. This step actually chooses the way Ubuntu will be installed on your system. Well, it provides 4 modes:

  • Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu: This option is gonna erase all the data stored on hard-disk before installing Ubuntu. To save any, backup must be taken. This option must not be selected if you are planning for a Dual-Boot.
  • Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for security: This option requires a security key and encrypts the physical data to save them in case the system may get stolen.
  • Use LVM with Ubuntu: It refers to Logical Volume Management and is strictly for experienced users. Of course you may try it, but on your own risk.
  • Something Else: It allows to choose the partitions on which to install Ubuntu. We are gonna choose this.


7. On this step, we need to give some space for Ubuntu to live in:

  • Root Partition: The ‘root’ is represented as ‘/’ and must be formatted ‘ext4’ with a minimum 20GB space.
  • Swap: The ‘swap’ is traditionally given space of 2*RAM size.
  • You may choose to give space for /boot or /home etc. (all ext4 formatted)

8. After distributing space, hit Install Now (if you had given a different partition for /boot choose it or else, choose ‘/’).

9. On this screen, choose your location. This affects your time-zone, so fill it correctly.

10. Choose the Keyboard layout.

11. Fill in the form and choose whether to encrypt the ‘/home’ folder or not.

12. There is nothing more to do. Just wait for completion of installation.

13. After completion of installation, restart the system.

Congratulations, you just installed the latest version of Ubuntu on your system. Everything should work fine.


3 thoughts on “Installing Ubuntu 14.04 on your PC

  1. Great post, since you did not took the tradittonal approach of erasing and installing, can you explain he benifit of the approach you have taken.

    Also i have a post for what to after installtion, kindly check it and provide your valuable comments.


    • This way one can choose the partitions and space allocation himself and will know what is being done. To go with default way also mean following blindly for many people.


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