Making of “JIGYASA : A Curiosity Within”

OJASS ends and we the backbenchers from CompC and Prod departments have achieved the first position in Director’s Cut i.e. the movie creation competition.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the 11th president of India had once said:

The Best Brains of the Nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom.

Most people around us think of Backbenchers, under-performers as the fools… as the ones with least potential. They are not expected to achieve.. to gain appreciation… but to suffer losing their confidence. But as always they counter back with something strong… stronger than the expectations, setting a new level for others.

We too as backbenchers were never expected to win, and even we ourselves doubted if this is possible. JIGYASA started with just small discussions. Discussions about all the negative things that could happen to our hopes regarding the decision to create this piece of inspirational video. Then the theme was thought of. And it ranged from Social Issues to Comedy Ideas. But lastly Kundan came with an idea which was simple, elegant, inspirational and very-very feasible. It was decided as the final concept and movie-making began.

The production house was named “INSPIRE Productions” by our Director Shubham Srivastava with a reason that this all had started with an inspiration from the “Creative Castle Productions” which is the work of our close friends. We made a JUGAAD for camera and the scenes were written. The first scene was shot in about a day. We wanted to give the best so any small mistake if noticed was simply putting us for a retake. And you may guess our state of mind at that time by a line spoken by Shubham after shooting the first scene:

Abe matlab hamko bharosa nhi ho rha hai ki hamlog sahi me film bna rahe hai.

(I am still not able to believe that we are actually making a movie).

But the acting, shooting, corrections and editing went on day and night. We wanted to complete it before exams. Of course it was against what others did but it got classified as a better decision than others in the end.

Kundan was chosen the lead actor and we almost completed the shooting before exams. A trailer was prepared and submitted to the OJASS organizers with the help of a friend. Shubham started working on Pinnacle and editing our shots to create a movie. All of us were noobs… and with much hard-work we completed the movie. All the wishes and critics helped us a lot during this period of time. They ensured the creation of a winning movie. At the end the music was added and a 13-min long short movie was exported for submission. Then we got a warning regarding its length. A complete night’s work shortened the creation to the limit. And we submitted.

With the reaction audience gave, we were in the heavens especially the moment when announcer asked to guess for the winners and audience cried just one name – JIGYASA. Oh God.. that was the moment…. the moment of satisfaction… the moment of victory…. sealed by the approval to the call. The deliciousness increased with Kundan being chosen as the best actor.

I just lived all those moments once again while writing this entry. The Team Inspire say Thanks to all supporters and critics and also to those who denied us as they too played a major role in this process. We are targeting the other fests across the country now… Hoping for the Best!!!

You may watch the Trailer here.

You may watch the Movie here.

Jigyasa can be reached on facebook.


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